A Corporate-Day Conundrum

                Carol, a three year veteran at your store, has just requested next Saturday off for personal reasons.  You want Carol to enjoy some time off because she deserves it.  Carol meets sales quotas days in advance, she comes in early and leaves late.  She is by far one of the top 3 performers in your store of 25 sales reps.   However, next Saturday is also your corporate day in which your district and regional managers will be paying a visit to observe your store and evaluate your team.   

What do you do?  Why?

Disagreements Wanted

I love people who agree with me, but I get tired of talking to them (about politics, religion, strategy etc.).  Why?  Because they agree with me, duh.  To me, it’s the same as teaching college juniors about long division.  (although some may need a refresher course)  Why would I want to talk to people who share the same views, beliefs, and opinions as I?  Authors don’t write books so only they themselves can read them do they?  It’s not so much that I live to influence people and try to get them to sway towards my beliefs, it’s the fact that if we disagree it means they have an opinion.  If I can listen to their opinion, look at research, and find some validity in it, then MY horizons have been broadened.  My understanding of some peoples’ walks in life has now increased.  

I recently was in a Bible study and was put in the “Hot Seat” as we do every week.  I gave my testimony and then permitted my friends and colleagues to ask me any question they asked.  The subject of abortion came up and that lead to me stating that I would never support the death penalty.  I was not prepared for what happened next.  One of the students called me out.  I got super excited.  My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, and my mind was racing.  I was going to get to pick somebody’s brain AND get to ream them with my large amount of support and research I have done on this subject.  I was waiting for the trivial arguments or “justice” and “get them out of here.” But instead, I was presented with supported, valid arguments that I was not expecting from someone our age. (I’ll go on record right now as saying I am not a typical 20 year old college kid.  I mean, I read 5 different news papers a day and watch just about every news outlet there is. )I was surprised. Not so surprised that I wasn’t able to rebut, but I was caught off guard.  The conversation was FANTASTIC and continued lightly the next day.  My point is this:  Had I been in a group where I knew my view would solely be supported and agreed with, I would never be enlightened.  

So, why do we need to be enlightened?  Not only does it help shed light on another side of an argument, but it helps us prepare for future arguments.  Practice, practice, practice right?  I’m not saying that you should go out looking for arguments, but if you feel the need or desire to express your opinion (please make sure it’s the right time and place) then do so, but be sure you have a valid, supported argument and can quote facts if need be.

These are just rough ideas and thoughts.  Now, what are yours? 

Social Media = Social Awareness

Social Media = Social Awareness

                Have you ever received one of those Facebook “Cause” requests?  Did you accept it?  Why or why not?  I recently received a Facebook Cause request (actually about 200) about stopping human trafficking.  This is one of the few I have ever accepted.  After accepting it, I couldn’t help wondering why I chose to accept that one but not the hundreds of others.  Maybe it was because I had more time to go through the 3 or 4 steps of signing up for this cause.  Maybe it was because both my parents have a passion for this same cause and it was discussed at the dinner table when I was younger.  But when I looked back on the causes I chose not to accept and the ones I did, I found that two years ago I had no passion for any of them.  But now, with Facebook increasing our awareness of the world around us, I had formed opinions and a passion for many “causes.”

                Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other web-based soap boxes have helped a president get elected, raise funds for breast cancer, and helped us show support for our men and women in the armed forces.  In a matter of minutes we as users are able to access and gain the basic information on virtually any cause out there.  It gives our causes a voice that perhaps even 10 years ago they did not have.  By the simple click of a button we express our opinion.  “I like this” or “I want this to stop now.”  People are even asking their Facebook friends to “like” a status so they can make a decision of whether or not to dye their hair pink.  Twitter allows us to embed a link on our tweets so our followers can be directed to a petition for gun control or saving an historic small town courthouse.  No matter the cause, the public’s awareness has most certainly increased with the boom of social media. 

                Just as important as raising awareness to the public, is the public’s ability to see all sides of an argument on these issues.  After being sent a request to join the cause “Support Stricter Penalties for Cop Killers” I decided to do some research.  After clicking on the link leading me to the proposed bill, I realized that if I did join this cause I would be contradicting my views on the death penalty.  Even though I felt compelled to join this cause at first, I couldn’t support that view of the death penalty.  The ease of access to information we as voters, citizens, and students now have thanks to social media is phenomenal.  Our understanding of a cause, group, or page is all we have to lean on when deciding whether or not to support it, that information has now become more accessible. 

                Even though the majority of our time on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube might be stalking our friends, tweeting inspirational quotes, or uploading voicing our views on Obamacare, we should all take a few minutes to read that “Cause Request” or that Group Invitation.  Who knows?  We might even form an opinion.

Party Foul

In today’s political realm, the political party gets the vote.  It becomes a sport of “don’t vote for the bad guy” rather than “this is why I can help you.”  Instead of shining the light on the positives of their own candidate, parties are more focused on making the other man (or woman) look as though they have signed a deal with Satan.  This is why the American public feels as though they are selecting the lesser of two evils. 

I believe that if the general public had more FACTS AND TRUTHS about HOW the American government system works and WHY certain laws and rules are the way they are, then our “hatred” for our government officials, political science and government structure would be greatly mitigated. 


My favorite inanimate object is my laptop.  It is pretty much my brain.  It’s a communication tool, journal, dictionary, encyclopedia, resource center and a way to just get away from it all.